RP9 Team project won't load

We’ve just started attempting to migrate to RP9 and it hasn’t gone smoothly.

I created a Team project and it quickly got inexplicably corrupted as others started importing their pages. Then we tried working backwards to a working state saving older versions of team projects - and they won’t open. They hang and crash every time.

I’m on a Mac and see there was a thread about this that seems it was closed a month ago without a real fix.

Are Team Projects actually working on Mac in RP9? Am having a tough time selling this update to my organization with all these problems.

Hi @tomjonesrocks

We’ve released a release candidate build 3652 that should address the issue you’re running into. Can you and your team try downloading the release candidate?

You can also find the build from Axure RP by going to Help > Check for Updates (with Include beta channel builds selected).

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