Scrollbars Don't Work



After updating to RP9 I noticed that the standard Windows scrollbars in the workspace were replaced by custom pill style scrollbars. While they visually represent the scroll state properly, the scroll handle doesn’t appear to be dragable, so scrolling around becomes a chore. Rather than scroll, I get a selection box which I can drag around to scroll as needed, but it’s highly undesirable. However, every once in a while it does seem to work and I can drag the handles to scroll. So it seems that the drag functionality is hiding in there somewhere but isn’t consistent


Hi! In a quick test on my end on Windows and Mac I was able to scroll normally by dragging the scrollbars at the edge of the canvas in Axure RP 9. Do you still see the issue if you restart Axure RP, and to confirm are you currently on the latest build? If you still see the issue after restarting and updating, then could you let us know more about your setup (e.g. are you using an external monitor, a 4k monitor, or a special mousing device) as well as whether the issue is specific to one file?

In the meantime, if you’re running into issues with using the scrollbars to scroll, you can also pan the canvas by using [Space]+[Drag], or by using a touchpad (if you’re using a laptop) to scroll. Hopefully that helps!


I’m using on Windows, which the dialog says is the latest version. I’ve restarted a couple of times, including a computer restart and have the same behavior. In general, I use an open laptop with two additional displays (both are 1920x1200). I also use the laptop undocked quite a bit. I see the the same behavior in all scenarios. It also isn’t specific to a single file.

After trying to get more information for you, I think I’ve identified the issue. The scroll bars work fine if I have the page checked out, but not when I don’t. Scrolling should be independent of the checkout state.