Scrollbars Still Not Working When Not Checked Out

I had previously reported that scrollbars were not working properly via this post

I was excited that the update mentioned “Made canvas scrollbars easier to select and drag on Windows”. Unfortunately it looks like that feature still only works if the page is checked out, so my previous issue still isn’t resolved. Can this please be fixed? We often review pages and shouldn’t have to check them out to use the scrollbars.

Hi dscheck!

Sorry for the confusion on that—the canvas scrollbars were updated with that build, but the bug where checked in pages’ scrollbars cannot be dragged is still active. It looks like this bug is still under investigation, but I’ve added a note to our filed report regarding your continued experience with this issue. There’s no information available at the moment on when this bug will be resolved, but please feel free to keep an eye on our release candidate topic thread for news on new builds.

Thank you!

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