Search function within Axure

I’m hoping someone can help me out asap with this as I’m new to Axure.
I’m creating a search bar for an app prototype which I have working perfectly with the repeater, however am finding it difficult to link values in the repeater to a dynamic panel with the information needed for the ‘value item,’ rather than linking it to a different page.

Essentially, I would like the user to search, find the item and then a pop up box below the search become visible, rather than linking to another page.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Hi taylahsinead,
I have posted related thread. Please check and let me know for further assistance.


Hey Vikram,

thanks for your response. I already have this part solved. My hope is to be able to link a dynamic panel to the item that is searched to pop up below the search bar, rather than having to use a reference page.

Can you post your rp file?