Security violation publishing to the cloud

So I got a call from my company’s security team over the weekend asking why I was uploading client data to the cloud. After an embarrassing and frustrating conversation, I was told that I can no longer upload my prototypes to the Axure cloud.

I’ve been using Axure for years and don’t know why this is suddenly a problem.

Is there a way to host these prototypes on my client’s site?

Yes. Axure sells several solutions for this. Axure Cloud for. Business is a more secure version of Axure Cloud, but still hosted on their servers. Axure Cloud for Business On Premises is basically the same Axure Cloud software that you/your IT installs on your own company’s server, so everything stays behind your company’s firewall. Search or contact for more info. Include an IT contact if you can, so technical details can be worked out.

Both are annual subscriptions, separate from Axure RP editor purchase. My company has been using On Premises for a few years now, and it has worked very well. You’ll get a limited number of author “seats” but unlimited “reviewers.” All the Axure Cloud features are the same: easy publishing directly from editor, Teams authoring, commenting, inspection, etc. You can easily control who can see what, authors get their own “sandbox folders” and can set up shared team “workspace” folders.

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Thank you for the reply, I’ll have to look into these solutions. I didn’t realize these were options!