Set submit button

I have a text area… I mistakenly set a Submit Button thinking it’d be fun and it was… until I changed my mind.

I want to go back to its default behavior, but I can’t figure out how to clear the submit button.

I’m going to have to delete the text area, but I’ll leave this message here so I can get the answer in case I make the mistake again later.

giup viec nha - giúp việc theo giờ uy tín

Hi laxutraly!

It looks like this was a known issue that should be resolved in our latest build! If you haven’t already done so, please update your application by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” in Axure RP 9, or otherwise download the installer from our site here. Once the application is up to date, try clicking the Submit Button property’s dropdown and look for the “Unassign Submit Button” button. That should allow you to try out submit buttons for your text areas and clear them out as well. :slight_smile: I hope that helps!

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