Shape selection outline is not visible

I’ve noticed a few times that sometimes when you click on a shape/text the outline is not visible. After re-opening the file it’s visible again. I seems like a bug. On one occasion I also had the text only visible when you double click the text.

I also notice this bug.

Hi guys,

We haven’t seen this one yet, and so if you’re able to provide any additional details about the issue (e.g. certain repro steps, screenshots/video, specific to dynamic panels or masters, etc.), that’d be helpful in our investigation. Thank you!

widgets were not in a panel or master. In one case it was in the group.

Ran into the same bug after grouping different controls and then trying to edit

Hi arouben,

Thanks for the update! There is a known bug we have on file where shape selection handles and guides can disappear from view when holding [Cmd], selecting widgets, and zooming in/out using the mouse’s scroll wheel. This could also happen if you were to briefly have two fingers on the touchpad when holding [Cmd]. Here’s a similar report we had on the forum:

Does that sound similar to what you experienced? If so, our teams are working on a fix for the issue, but in the meantime, it’ll help to scroll zoom or pinch zoom to bring back the selection handles and guides.

Please let me know if that doesn’t sound like the case, though!