Skecth Plugin not showing in plugin menu


I am trying to install the Sketch-to-Axure plugin available for the latest beta release. For some reason even after moving the plugin in the sketch folder, I am not able to see it on the plugin menu in sketch.

Is anybody else finding the same problem?


Hi trottolo,

I’m sorry to hear that! To start, could you make sure you’re grabbing the plugin .zip file directly from the below link:

Then, un-zip the .zip file and double-click it on the .sketchplugin file to install the plugin to Sketch.

If that doesn’t work, please ensure you’re running the latest version of Sketch (51.3) and the latest version of Axure RP ( Please lmk what you find!

This works, thank you Jane. FYI, I was doing something different before.

I was getting the link from the blog page about the Axure 9 release. And when saving on my mac, I was saving the .skecthplugin format instead of the .zip format.

Thank you again,