Sketch Effects - from Axure RP 8

“Sketch Effects” - This extremely useful feature was taken out when Axure RP9 was introduced. It is something all my clients keep crying out for and wanting it to return. It cannot be underestimated how powerful the feature was by having a sketchy option to make all lines on shapes etc to go squiggly. No other close competitor to Axure offers it, and that’s why we joined Axure right from the beginning… but we dearly miss it.

The High / Low fidelity switch in RP9 - which just changes the font and makes the prototype greyscale - just does not cut it for many of us. With Sketch Effects it was possible to have color “hand-drawn” prototypes.

We were all hoping that the old feature would be re-introduced in the version after RP9, but it hasn’t.

Is there any chance, and chance at all, that this feature will be re-introduced in the future??

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