Sketch to Axure, Generate HTML in Axure

I was using Sketch to do my UX design before, due to the current company’s decision, I transferred around 100 pages ( artboards) wireframes from Sketch to Axure. There are some questions, and I hope to get some help and tips.

Our team ( the developers ) is using Q-C++ to code. No one knows about Axure.


1, What do I need to know when I reorganize my artboards in Axure.

2, I need to do a dropdown list plus a search function. In the list will be an icon that adds to my favorite. I am not sure what to choose from Axure Libraries. (It’s a long list of up to 1000 stations names) ListBox or Repeater?

3, Can developers easily reuse the html/css/js code generated by Axure RP?

4, As a designer, what are the best practices to maximize the code reuse possibilities?

5, Instead of the auto-generated id as #id12345, can I give elements meaningful id as #id_menu_show?

6, Can I give it a meaningful class name as primary_button ?

7, Can Axure RP generate code that is organized like React component?

8, If the above is difficult, is there any plugin or tools to make it easier?

Thanks forhand!