slider and slider rang

Hello and greetings, how do I insert start and end values into SLIDER and how can I see the currently displayed value?

You’ll need to post your .rp file or provide a lot more explanation…
What is “SLIDER” and how do you define the start value and end value?

I used the slider (RANGE) and I wanted to know how I can enter a minimum number and a maximum number?

I took advantage of the Slider Control Tutorial on our reference pages and used the .rp file as a template. You can enter in your own custom minimums and maximums by inserting global variables in the bounds of the “Move” interaction.

In my example, I added two text fields and two global variables so the user can set a new minimum and maximum.


Under the “Move” interaction within the dynamic panel, I added the minimum global variable to the left bound. Under the right bound, I did a similar thing except we’ll want to subtract the difference between our new user input and the current max to calculate the new maximum.

complex-interactions-slider-control - Axure Edit with min and max.rp (58.2 KB)

Hope that helps!