Something changed in the new release?

Hi, i have built a responsive page at with 9 beta, and now with (3636) and it worked great some weeks ago, but when updating the site with new data and published it, it does not behave like it is responsive anymore on all iphone’s models. When looking in safari/mac and selecting developer mode to manually set the views, its working correct. Same page, another url:

What has happened? Have i done something wrong?


Hi Pelle,

Hmm, looks like both of those URLs render the same on iOS on our end (not fitting the screen, that is). From the release notes for 3636 it doesn’t look like we changed anything related to iOS prototypes. To confirm, what build were you using previously? Do you see the same issue if you roll back to the build you were using before and publish to the same URL? You can test out the older builds here:

If you’re seeing the same issue even when publishing from the build that you were using before 3636, then it sounds like something that was changed in the prototype is causing the issue. One thing I notice when visiting your Axure Share URL (638l2l) is that the prototype player isn’t accessible; typically when this happens when visiting the root URL it means that the published project has been assigned a default page or custom 404 page via the Axure Share portal. That particular setup does seem to reproduce the issue that you’re seeing where a prototype that previously fit the target device no longer does–by any chance is that what happened to your project?

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