Stop Expanding All Pasted Items in Outline

I commonly use the Outline panel to move between areas/elements of my files. It is extremely obnoxious that every time I paste something, all the nested items/panels/etc get FULLY expanded in the Outlines panel. Especially when the original item being copied has been “cleaned up” by me and is in what I deem the proper state of element expansion (for my purposes).

It throws off my work flow and efficiency as I have to clean up the Outline panel every time I paste things (I paste things a lot) just to make sure it remains usable.

I know full well how to expand and collapse the elements within Outline, but it serves me no practical use to have to be constantly tending to it (more than I naturally need to) as I simply do my work.

I’ve looked in preferences and perused this forum but have heard of no solution or fix to this extremely aggravating issue.

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I filed a feature request some time ago, hoping Axure team can deliver it soon

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