Styles in alphabetical order?


Is there some way to get widget styles to appear in alphabetical order? This is so, so basic and is driving me insane


Hello @JKL123,

Thank you for writing in to the Axure Forums!

Currently, you can use the Move Up and Move Down Buttons at the top of the Widget Style Manager to reorganize your Styles. We can definitely see how an ability to automatically sort the Styles by Alphabetical Order would greatly speed up your workflow, especially when many Widget Styles are present.

I have added your feedback to a Feature Request with our Product Team concerning the ability to automatically sort Widget Styles in Alphabetical Order. In the meantime, you can find more information on the Widget Style Manager in our Documentation.

We at Axure greatly value all feedback on the product, and you can send us future Feature Requests directly to our Support Team at

Thank you for taking the time to offer this feedback!


Thank you, but if it’s just now being added, we can assume it will never get fixed. This is a really basic Kano model failure. (Why should users accept manually moving stuff around when alpha order is the sensible, automatic sort of thing that computers were built to do?)