Styling text in the repeater depending on the value

Problem: I do not know how to configure the repeater so that values ​​from 1 to 70 show as black font and values ​​from 71 to 100 in red.

Is it feasible?


You could set the selected style of a widget (that by default has black text) to red, and then say in On Item Loaded…

If [[Item.columnName]] is greater than 70 AND
[[Item.columnName]] is less than or equal to 100
  select (widget with the red selected style)

If you are not familiar with conditional logic, you can read up on it here.

I commonly use same approach that josephxbrick mentions, so +1 on that!

To build on this, a modification is to use the “rich text” option in the Set Text action. In this way, you can set the color, font, size, etc. --particularly helpful if you need more than two styles (for example, let’s say you also want a gray font color for negative numbers, and maybe bold and larger font size if value is exactly 100, etc.)


Rich text! That’s a great solution. I always forget about rich text…