Submit on Carriage Return


I’m simulating a search and would like to submit on carriage return, not just when they click the search button. Is this easy or am I going to need to test the box on each keypress?



For your case I think the “Submit button” feature should work great
On your input, register your search button as the “Submit Button”

Here an image and a proto to explain it:
Submit-button.rp (47.7 KB)


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Sorry, I probably wasn’t clear. I don’t want the user to have to use the button. I want the user to type something in the box and hit the carriage return key to perform an action

Yes, if you set up the submit button as shown, when the user hits the Return key while focusing that field it will fire the OnClick event of that button as if they had clicked it.

It identifies which Axure widget should behave as the submit button for that field, which will be triggered by the Return key in that field.


Sorry guys. I was trying to sort out multiple things so I didn’t actually try PierreJ’s solution. Just tried now and it does exactly what I was looking for.

My bad.