[Suggestion] Interaction Selected/Unselected at higher levels

Is there any reason the interactions “Selected/Unselected”, “Error State” or “Disabled/Enabled” are not present at the Group or Dynamic Panel level?

I often target the group for selected/unselected. The apply mouse effects rule is really powerful when you have lots of components that need toggling so targeting the group level is the obvious choice. However not being able to create a selected/unselected interaction (& condition) at the group level is frustrating. For example on Selected move group -5px, on UnSelected move group +5px.

To work around this I often find myself looking for redundant Interactions I can use. So I will fire an event on Resize and have the Resize interaction both move the group and select the group. Then fire an event on rotate to move it back and unselect. add some conditions to this and it all gets very confusing quite quickly.

Alternatively, I use the trickle down effects of the interaction on a lower element to parse the condition and send an event back to the group level. Again seems long winded and a pain to keep track of and often find myself with an invisible element called “detect events” just to do this.

I have used Groups as an example but this is also true for Dynamic Panels. It seems odd that I can checkbox these interactions in props, I can target the Group/Panel and apply these interactions but have no direct method to detect these interactions.

It seems obvious that they would be included if they could, so wondering why they are not?

Totally agree. It’s possible to select/unselect any element. Therefore the “Selected/Unselected” interactions should be available on any element.

Would also allow to build custom checkboxes without all the limitation of a base checkbox

I third this suggestion, having to deal with less awkward workarounds would be great.

Thanks for the write up and suggestions!

After discussing with our product team today, this is something that we’d also like to see. It does make sense that because you can target these widget groups and dynamic panels with actions, they should have available event options as well. We’ve escalated this feature request for further review and discussion.