Symbols in Axure

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I’m trying Axure 9 Beta, so far it is awesome!!!

Does anybody know if Axure 9 provides “create symbol” option like Sketch does?

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Hey @Eilin. In Axure those are called master. I don’t know if you previously used Axure8, my answer assumes you did not. If you did you probably know the concept of masters.

You can create a master from every group of widget, so they can be reused. In Axure 9 you can even override image & text (that could not be done in previous versions).

Now if you talk about libraries: that’s another thing. You can create a custom Axure library file to be shared used by your team (or by you). In such case, once you dragged a widget, it disconnects from the library and will not update in case you updated it’s library source (unlike sketch symbol or a master).
I suggest you will refer to the Axure tutorial about Masters and Libraries in Axure support, such as widget libraries or Masters (version 8, no override).


It would still be nice to have an override feature where you can override textual and style information on the master without having to break it.


Hi! In the beta for version 9 we added a master override feature, which allows you to update text on masters without breaking them away. If you create a master that contains text and place it onto the page, then you should be able to override the text for that instance of the master by selecting it and then opening the “Style” tab. If you’re interested in checking out the beta then it is available for download below:

If you have any feedback or feature requests please go ahead and send those to us directly at Thanks!

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