Taking result from autocomplete search field and showing it on another part of the page

Hey there! I really need help :slight_smile: I need to create autocomplete search which would clear thr text field with result once chosen, take this result from this autocomplete search field and output it to another part of the same page (just below the search field). I guess this is simple, but I still need help.

Check out this recent thread for several auto-complete/predictive search solutions. Same approach would apply to RP9. in general what you’ll need to do is provide some means of testing the contents of the text field (using the Key Up event usually works best) --then showing a set of suggested “matches” (filtering a repeater list usually works best.) When the user selects a suggested item, you can use the Set Text action to change the text of any widget on the page (thus “outputting to another part of the same page”) and then use another Set Text action to set the value of the text field to “” (blank).

Hey! Thank you so much for your reply, checking it already. I’ve been searching and reading forum and I believe I’m almost there xD

Thank you again :heart:
Stay safe and have a great day ahead :wink: