The Copy / Paste Bug Is Back

Trying to copy multiple selections of content from one page to another within a project.

Using a Macbook Pro; my OS is 10.14.5.

My Axure is V9.0.0.3665

Restarting Axure does no good. It seems to be affecting all my projects, including projects where I was routinely pasting objects across pages and even across different RP files earlier.

Thanks for the heads up! We received the error message you received when copying/pasting and will respond via email shortly!

I think I may have figured it out.

One of the objects in the group I was trying to paste was locked. I unlocked it, and it worked.

(Note to Axure UX crew: This’d be a great place for either a validation message (“Can’t Paste Locked Objects!”), or an option modal (“Nah, go ahead and paste the locked objects!”).

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