The Libraries Were Not Loaded (Axure RP 10)

The libraries are not loading. What is the fix?


(unresolved thread: Libraries not loaded)


Usually this error happens due to a hiccup with the cache files for your widget libraries. To attempt to fix it, you can navigate to Axure RP’s “cache4” folder and clear out its contents. Below are the file locations on both Mac and Windows for Axure RP 10:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-10-0/cache4


Clearing the contents of the “cache4” folder will clear out the old cache files. Once this is done please relaunch Axure RP 10, which will create a new set of cache files and generally resolves most widget library errors.

If you still get the error after doing the steps above then please send an email over to so that we can work one on one with you to get you up and running. When you email, please include the following in your message:

  1. Your operating system
  2. Your build number of Axure RP (“Help > About Axure RP”)
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