The Sketch plugin adds duplicate groups to my artboards

as stated above, here is the artboard before running “Copy Selection for RP”…


…and here is it afterwards:


The plugin creates copies of all symbols as groups (as it probably detaches the symbols) and leaves them in the artboard.
Is this behaviour intended?
Probably not.

(Running latest version of Axure 10 and plugin version 1.0.9)

And, you lose the name of the symbols when you paste the selection into Axure:


Hi @Lennart - Thanks for the report! We have reproduced this and our team is actively working to fix this issue with duplicating symbols when running “Copy Selection for RP”.

Hey Frank,
thanks for the reply and thank you for looking into this.
Will you also fix that the name is being lost?


Yes, the expected behavior would be that the original Sketch symbol name would be preserved upon pasting into Axure RP.

Hey @Frankie_Axure,
I just downloaded the update and gave it a spin.
it no longer keeps the detached symbols in the file. thx for this.

but there is still an issue with the naming of (nested) symbols:
(and pls ignore the typo in the naming)


there is a nested symbol that loses its name upon import:

you might want to check this.

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Thanks, @Lennart. It looks like the fix wasn’t fully implemented. We’ve filed a bug for the name being lost on nested symbols and hope to address this soon.

@Lennart a new version of the Axure Sketch plugin is now available. This version (1.0.11) fixes the issue with names being lost for nested symbols upon import into Axure RP.

Hey Frankie, thanks for getting back to me.
Will definitely check it out!