There's no "Open Anyway" in macOS Catalina as claimed by support

I failed to install #rp-9 on #Catalina #macOS
I contacted support but no solution from their side. It seems that they are not aware about what we are facing on new #macOS

They asked to:

  1. Select “System Preferences” from your Mac menu
  2. Select “Security & Privacy”.
  3. Under the “Allow apps downloaded from” section, choose the “App Store and identified developers” option.
  4. If you see a notification about macOS blocking Axure RP, please select the “Open Anyway” option.

But mentioned scenario is NOT HAPPENING as #macOS is just giving me one option which is to close the App.

It seems that support is not trying this issue on the mac.
I got tired from their response so I need a support from anyone who is using #Catalina to advise about what to.

Hi all,

We released a notarized version of Axure RP 9 that should help to get past the security prompts from macOS 10.15 for users for whom the steps above weren’t working. The link and details on how to get past this are noted in the post below:

That should do the trick, but for anyone still running into issues after downloading the notarized build then please email and note the steps you’ve tried so far so that we can assist. Thanks!

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