Trying to replace a comma

Hi all -
I have a string:
Item 1, Item 2

using .replace(LVAR1,"")
LVAR 1 = Item

Im trying to replace Item 1

Item 1 is set by a click and i add the comma using on the click. how would i go about removing " ," to LVAR 1 with replace to remove the entire string?



I’m not sure I’m reading this right. Are you just trying to remove the comma?

If so, you’d do this, assuming LVAR has the text string:

LVAR.replace("," , "")

There are two parameters to .replace(): the string you want to replace (here the comma within LVAR), and the string you want replace it with (here a blank string).

Close - in the attached image, case 1 takes adds text. So Item 1 becomes item 1, item 2

Im trying to remove “, item2”

thanks again joseph