Trying to understand how add to cart works

Hi guys, I’m currently trying to create add to cart function in my project. Despite some tutorial videos from youtube I still can’t understand how it’s works, pls help
EnglandBakeryshop.rplib (1.8 MB)

  • Do you mean for this to be a widget library and not a prototype file (not sure the official name not a library)? I suspect it may be the source of some of the issues you’re experiencing.
  • it looks like the structure of your checkout page makes it difficult to modify with interactions. Everywhere there’s a currency value you want modify on load, you should have that pound value as a standalone shape, it will make it way easier to change with Interactions.
  • I cannot understand why most of the shapes on the checkout and home pages are locked, it seems unnecessary but perhaps there’s a reason i’m not gathering.
  • using space characters to put gaps between label values and pound values will be difficult to manage long-term. You won’t be able to make fine-tune adjustments, and it could behave weird if someone doesn’t have the Poppins font installed.

It’s not entirely clear what it is you’re asking for, but I’m guessing some tutorial told you to put an interaction on the page triggered by the “Loaded” event and you can’t find the button to add one. This is because widgets in a library aren’t pages and thus do not have a Page Loaded event.

If you do intend for this to be a widget library (that is, something you can load up in the Libraries panel and reuse across multiple projects), then the best workaround is to put those Loaded actions into a shape on the Widget canvas. Every shape, whether placed in a widget or a page, has a Loaded action too so you could put it on the header for example.

If you do not mean for this to be a library, I would recommend going to File -> New (not New Library) and copy and pasting all of your pages in that new file and i think you’ll find it easier to understand and manage.

Let me know if you have other questions, there’s definitely a learning curve with Axure but it’s well worth it for the depth and breadth of its interactions and prototyping capabilities.

Thank for your respond, I guess my prototype actually a bit too difficult to change. My original idea is to make some product like that and then adding some function like adding that product to cart to calculate the overall price. When it comes to some tutorials on youtube, I saw them using repeater table or other stuff like that, then I realized I messed up at the first step so :/// gotta start again
btw the page load is when I was trying to load my product to the checkout page, I just misunderstood the whole function of that

You’re nearly there, you don’t even really need repeaters if you just want to calculate things on the checkout page. You just need to separate your shapes a bit and have them calculate their values on page load (or shape load).