Unable to select master behaviour when creating a master

Axure RP 9 version

In this version, when creating a master by right-clicking on the selected elements, a dialogue box is shown asking for the master name but does not ask for master behavior here, so I cannot choose lock position.

If select lock to master position later from the master list, then the location is default set o 0,0 and cannot move it around (that’s correct by locking). If I move the elements to the desired place in the master, then the master area will start from 0,0 and cover a lot of place unwanted.

I think it would be better if a master drop behavior selection is provided when creating a master from the interface.


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Any resolve on this?

Lock master location not working here either. Snaps to 0,0 even if you lock location.

This is strange. Just spent some time trying this. I don’t have 8 installed anymore so I can’t check how it worked, but I don’t remember having issues like this so I suspect it didn’t work this wya.

Hi all!

It looks like this behavior is expected for Axure RP 9, but I can confirm that this is different than it is in Axure RP 8. With Axure RP 8, choosing the “Lock to Master Location” drop behavior when creating a master has the master use its current placement on the page to create a custom location for the widget(s) within the master. In Axure RP 9, applying “Lock to Master Location” drop behavior uses the master widgets’ already-defined location within the master to place the master on the page. If you make a page’s widget a master, and then immediately change the drop behavior to lock to the master location, the master’s widget will go to (0,0), because that’s the default location for the master’s widget, and the page is using that to place the master. It’s similar to how converting a widget to a dynamic panel automatically gives that widget a location of (0,0) in the dynamic panel.

With masters in Axure RP 9, you’ll want to define the widgets locations in the master, and then use the “Lock to Master Location”. That said, I can see how this change would feel different and/or unexpected compared the process in Axure RP 8, and I’ll file a feature request with our respective teams to review this.

If you run into anything else in Axure RP 9 that you would like to see changed or improved, please email us at support@axure.com so that your feedback is seen as soon as possible. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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