Update CPU Issues

Once I updated to this particular update, Axure’s CPU usage throttled all day causing a lot of lag issues, rainbow wheel of death, etc. While in the software, dragging widgets to move, and drag to resize shapes and text was about impossible. At the end of my day Axure’s CPU usage shot up to 1, 134% which how it did that I still don’t understand. To further make things confusing this was on a low fidelity wireframe that only contained basic shapes, text boxes, basic buttons and menus.

Anyone else having these issues, specifically on mac? Also, is there a way to install the prior version as I didn’t have problems on it.

Thanks Kindly!

Hi Morgan,

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue! We’ve had a couple reports of this issue, but haven’t been able to reproduce this on our end yet. To further investigate this, please send along the following information:

  1. Does the high CPU usage get any better after closing this specific wireframe? Are you seeing the same level of CPU usage when working with any other project files?

  2. What Mac operating system version are you using?

While we continue looking into this issue, you can try downloading the installer for our previous Axure RP 9 build, build 3681, from our release history page here:


Please try installing this version and working with your wireframe again. Please let me know if you see any CPU issues when working with this Axure RP build. Thank you!

Answers to you Q’s:

  1. The CPU doesn’t get better with specific or different wireframes, it does the same for all. I see the same CPU throttle then crash pattern no matter what I work on.

  2. The Mac OS I’m on is Mojave 10.14.6

I did reinstall the older version, and so far no hiccups.

Hi Morgan,

Thanks so much, that’s very helpful! I’m glad to hear that working with the previous build is helping for now. I’ve passed this along to our respective teams, and I’ll let you know if we find out more about this or need any other information as we continue investigating.

Hi Chelsea,

I’m getting this same issue with build 3686.

Have you managed to identify what causes it?


Hi all!

While we haven’t been able to identify the cause of this issue just yet, we’d like to gather some additional information on this issue. If you’ve run into this issue since recently, please send the following information to our support team at support@axure.com so that we can take a closer look:

  1. Does this high CPU usage tend to occur when working with team project (RPTEAM) files, rather than with regular RP project files? Have you seen this CPU usage spike when only working with standard (RP) project files, with no team projects open?

  2. Are you using any Axure Cloud-hosted libraries in Axure RP 9? These would be widget libraries found in the Libraries pane with a cloud icon, as shown below:


Please review your Libraries pane for any Axure Cloud-hosted widget libraries that you have added to Axure RP 9. If applicable, please let us know how many of these libraries you are using when this high CPU usage is occurring, and let us know if the CPU usage decreases if these libraries are removed from Axure RP 9. To remove a library, you can select the library from the droplist, and then click the Library pane’s “More Options” icon and select “Remove Library”. Axure Cloud libraries can be added back at any time through the “Available from Cloud” section at the bottom of the widget library droplist.

  1. Are you logged into any Axure accounts in Axure RP 9? To review any active Axure accounts, you can go to “Account > Manage Accounts”. Please let us know if you’re logged into one or more Axure accounts when this issue is occurring. To further troubleshoot, please try logging out of all Axure accounts in Axure RP 9, and then close and relaunch the application. Please let us know if the CPU usage continues to spike when you are logged out of your Axure accounts.

  2. If possible, please send in a copy of a file where you are seeing the most drastic CPU usage spike for our teams to review.

  3. If possible, please send in a video recording displaying both your Activity Monitor and Axure RP 9. Please try closing and relaunching Axure RP 9, and continue to record video until Axure RP 9’s CPU usage has spiked drastically. This should help us to more closely reproduce the steps involved on our end. You can use Mac’s built-in screen recording function for this purpose, which is accessible by using the keyboard shortcut [CMD] + [Shift] + [5].

Thanks in advance, and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

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Hi all,

Was there a fix for this? I’m having the same problem. CPU load is randomly but heavily spiking … seems to be when I’m creating previews.

Hi jay_matthews! Thanks for replying with those details; that’s definitely helpful to know that this is happening when you are previewing your file. Would you be able to send us the file you were working on when the CPU spike occurred, and let us know the specific browser version that you are using (it looks like you’re using Chrome, and you can find the browser version by following the menu path: “Chrome > About Google Chrome”). If you prefer to send us your file and browser details in a private message, please email support@axure.com. Thanks!

Hi all!

Our teams have been investigating issues regarding CPU spikes, and we have a newer Axure RP 9 release candidate available that may help to resolve this behavior.

Please feel free to try installing this RC by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” and checking the “Include beta channel builds” checkbox. You can also download the installer for this RC on our site’s release candidate page.

Let us know if you’re able to try this build out, and if you see any improved performance. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: