Updating Repeater column data on click of button

I am trying to get my head around the best way to update a repeaters column text when a user clicks on a button.

For example I have a repeater in my example called Age Repeater with 3 columns First_Name Last_Name and Age.
I want a different value for each person i.e. the first row to be 41 the second 28 and the third top be 53 after the button is clicked.

Your help and assistance would be very useful as I am struggling somewhat.


Alanadd_age_example.rp (48.3 KB)

One straightforward way to update repeaters is to use the “Edit Row Data” action. Using this action, you can target the repeater based on a desired rule and then change the values of the row(s).

I have attached your file with the edits requested by adding three of these actions to target and change these values. I have included different examples for each of the actions:

By row #: Dependent on the row number. In this case “1”
By rule: If the column “First_Name” equals ‘Jose’
By rule: A custom rule where if the length of the item in the “First_Name” column is less than 4. In this case ‘Bob’

For each of these actions, you will be able to choose the value to edit the row data as well. For a list of repeater properties and expressions you can click on the links below to navigate to our reference pages:

Repeater Properties

Math, functions, and expressions

add_age_example - Axure Edit.rp (50.6 KB)

This has really helped me understand the functions I need to manipulate data in a repeater.
Thank you so much, your support is really appreciated.


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