Upload data drom repeater to another on next page

I ask a lot of questions here, but I need to figure out the repeater well :slight_smile:

I have read a lot of posts on this topic recently in this forum, but I have not found one that would solve my problem. All I’ve found solve problem for a small number of variables.

I need to upload values from the repeater from one page to the different on the second page. I was trying to do this using variables and it works only for one row. I need to like in example file move all items to second repeater and this variables needs to change (like once I buy orange and apple, once orange and pear).
In my real project I have almost 100 items so I need something different than global variables. Is it possible to use something else than variables or is the way to do this with them to many items?

example file.rp (299.3 KB)

Thanks a lot.

Hi! If you’re looking to transfer repeater data from one page to another, then you’ll want to use global variables to do so. The post linked below has an excellent example from my colleague that shows how you can leverage global variables to carry your entire repeater dataset across pages.

For your case, since you want to display the data in a separate repeater on the second page instead of returning back to the original page, you could copy and paste a duplicate of the repeater from your original page to your second page (e.g. in the sample file from the link above, copy the repeater from “Home” to “Page 1” so that the results show on “Page 1”. Hopefully that helps!

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