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What I am trying to achieve from my wireframe is when the user select a specific date from the dropdown, the picture will pop out.

There are like 3 different dropdown which are day, month and year and a field which will shows the date that the user select. If the user select month and year or day, month and year the system will show the pictures related to the date selected.

Issues that I am facing right now:

  1. When the user selected the date they want but they changed the day to “–” then change month to something else. The date field will shows the previous day like “05 June 2023” instead of “June 2023”.

This the file that show the part I am talking about:
day month year dropdown.rp (341.3 KB)


Hey @vampurr, this issue should be resolved if you move the conditions under the “Selection Changed” interaction on your droplists instead of using the “Click or Tap” interaction. I hope it helps!


I changed to “Selection Changed” but it still shows the same problem.
Changed the if statements and it works.
Instead of using if else changed to all if

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