Using Axure for a Real Site (My UX Portfolio)

I’m wondering what the drawbacks would be if I used Axure for my UX portfolio.

I have a rather complex design that (for me) would be a pain in the butt, CSS-wise because buttons have to be negative margin, absolutely positioned, etc. A big headache waiting to happen, especially across different browser sizes. (see attached image)

Of course, I want the site to be responsive. I know Axure can easily accommodate break points, but “in the real world” how successful can I expect my Axure site to be as it would if I were to use WordPress or something like that?

Honestly, I have my doubts. I thought it best to ask the community before going any further. I might just hire a developer to do it for me.

Hi there! for me the main-drawbacks would be the adaptability of the prototype. It can work if you have the time to Adjust your designs for every sizes there is. As a UX designer I can’t code, but I can prototype. Happy to say that my portfolio is still in prototype. Never experience a bad feedback with the employers who are looking into it. Good luck!

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