Using list box items to filter rows in repeater


How can I implement the selected items of a listbox to filter out rows in a repeater widget? For example I have a list box with certain states, and a repeater widget with certain rows. I need to filter out only those rows based on the selected states in the listbox. Is this possible?



I assume your listbox allows you to select more than one item? If that’s true, then it’s not possible using the stock listbox control.

To get what’s selected in a listbox, you use “selected option of,” which never returns more than one value even if you select multiple values, which means that Axure does not provide you with a way to figure out what’s selected in a multi-select listbox.

If you are willing to use a set of checkboxes, or if you want to make a fake listbox that looks like a real one by using multiple widgets that you toggle selection of upon clicking them, you can use this solution. (The single-facet-filter example is the one you want.)

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Thanks a lot for your reference, I will have a look at it, and see how it is customizable.


Hi josephxbrick!

I built upon your 3 facet filter example to create 5 filters, but unfortunately could not built upon after 3 filters. Is there by any way a limit on the number of filters which can be applied on a repeater, or I am missing something trivial? Please help!

For reference, I am attaching the file and the link:- filters.rp (124.5 KB)

Please select from the droplist Category for the repeater to appear. The filters are in the left hand side, the repeater filters as expected till the 3rd filter i.e. Sub category 1, State and Application. It does not filter for the other 2 - Endorsed and Company Name.

Your help regarding this would be highly appreciated!


Hi Vakesh!

Everything looks good, filter-wise. This issue here is that the checkboxes in the Company Name and BEE Endorsed filters don’t have the code that forces the repeater to re-evaluate its filter. Without that code, the repeater won’t know that the state of the checkbox has changed.

I copy/pasted that code from another checkbox and everything worked fine.

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