Variables are not transferred to next page

I have created a prototype where I transfer variables from one page to another through a CTA and they are not displayed to the next page.
If I go to a previous page of the prototype and then come back to this page, the Variables are shown. I don’t know why this is happening.
Thank you

Can’t tell you what’s wrong since there’s no file to look at, but a common issue is if you have a Set Variable action happening the same time as an Open Link action, but the Open Link action is before the Set Variable action in the case.

If that’s not it, share your file or an example that demonstrates the issue. Try copy pasting only the necessary widgets into a new document and see if the problem persists. That will help you narrow down where the issue is.

Hooray! It worked! I didn’t even think that ordering might affect the interaction.
Thank you very much

It normally doesn’t matter much, but when using an Open Link action it does. It can also come up if you’re setting and then referencing variables in the same case.

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