Variables to show in droplist

Is it possible to get inputs from global variables such as email and name from Page 1 to show up in a droplist in Page 2?
I find that drop lists are not considered targets on page but an input field is.

Thank you.

Correct. Axure does not let you dynamically change the options (list elements) of a standard HTML droplist–the Droplist widget in the default library.

To accomplish this, you’d need to build your own droplist. I’d recommend a “Box 1” widget for the “default/closed” state (perhaps grouped with a triangle shape for the down-arrow) and a repeater for the “dropped/open” list. Clicking on the “Box 1” widget/group can toggle the visibility of the repeater so it behaves like a droplist. Clicking on the repeater widget selects the current row, sets the text of “Box 1” to match its text, and hides the repeater. You can easily add, remove or update rows in the repeater in the Page Loaded event based on the values of your global variables.

The current version of RP9 does include a ‘multiselect’ widget in the Sample UI patterns library which can be targeted by global variables. Might be easier than starting from scratch.