Vertical Slider and Horizontal Slider in Mobile Prototype

Hello Everyone,
After using “Vertical as Needed” and “Horizontal as Needed”, I am able to get vertical movement effect and horizontal movement effect in mobile prototype, but I also don’t want to keep scroll bar.

Please let me know how to achieve swiping effect in horizontal and vertical way in mobile prototyping which will give developer a feel as they are doing swipe in actual mobile APP.


Use the OnSwipeLeft and OnSwipeRight events. Look under “More Events” list for OnSwipeUp and OnSwipeDown events if you need vertical swipes. These require a dynamic panel widget (dp), which it sounds like you already have.

You can move the content in your dp according to your swipe direction, and set boundaries to limit the movement. There are no built-in momentum effects, but you can apply them using techniques in this thread:

Sure… I will try like this.
Thanks for your reply.