Waiting for confimation of upload forever

Recently the confirmation of upload to Axshare takes forever. The upload itself doesn’t seem to be the problem as it works quite fast. Is it just me?

I’m using Axure on Mac OS High Sierra, btw.

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Hi Japhy,

We haven’t seen any recent reports of any similar issues, so I was hoping I could ask you a few troubleshooting questions:

  1. Could you describe the behavior you’re seeing in a little more detail? Is a specific dialog during the publishing process taking a long time to load or is it the entire process?

  2. What OS version of High Sierra is your computer running?

  3. Are you only seeing this issue with a specific prototype file, or are you seeing it with all of your files?

  4. You mentioned that this recently started happening–would you happen to be aware of any significant changes that might have been made to your computer or to Axure RP around this time?

This will hopefully give us a good platform for troubleshooting. We’ll be standing by!

Hi Simon,

  1. Upload is quite fast, but the dialogue that’s displayed after uploading takes forever (like minutes) (see screenshot).
  2. I’m using version 10.13.4 Beta
  3. Other files work fine
  4. Nothing that I’m aware of.

I’ve also added the directory structure of the Team-project (I did not mention that it’s a team project I’m talking about). Maybe this helps. I’m sorry but I cannot share the file itself since that’s confidential work for a customer…

Hi Japhy,

Thanks for following up, and I understand not being able to share the file. Would the team project file you’re working with happen to be particularly large, or does the project have widget/interaction heavy pages? You mentioned that other files weren’t being affected, so this issue could be coming down to something specific to this team project.

Also, are you experiencing any slowness while checking in/out or getting/sending changes in this project as well? In this case, does getting a new local copy of your project help at all? You can find the steps for how to do that here. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

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