Way to validate text field input type date

Is there a way to validate a text field with input type of date by creating a case in the condition builder. So that it can be made that the user has to select a date before submitting a form?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in Axure as “pre-built” HTML forms like Date and Number don’t seem to fire any meaningful events, nor can you get their values. So, a user can select a date in your field using the pre-built form, like the popup calendar, but no event is fired, like Text Changed or Key Up and if you try to refer to “text on widget MyDateField” or get [[LVAR1.text]] nothing is returned. Worse, if the user tries to manually enter or edit a date, it won’t work in most browsers. As a consequence, if you need to apply logic or in any way use a date in a field, you pretty much have to use a regular text field or sets of fields (e.g., Month, Day, Year) and validate/format the input.

See this thread for a good hand-built custom date picker:

@kahhao I’ve encountered it as well and reported to Axure via support email, they’ve confirmed it’s a bug on file

So during this period when Axure is fixing, you may want to use another workaround as suggested by @mbc66

Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it.

Thanks for informing me about this bug! Really appreciate it.

Just ran into this issue on a project. Really, really frustrating. Why give the option of a date type field if it’s completely broken on every browser but desktop Safari.

We rarely use Axure now because 9 times out of 10 it’s not worth the bother but when we do it’s usually because we want to test with real form fields and interactions like browser native date pickers.

Really hope this issue has been addressed in RP 10 but would love it to be addressed in RP9 too.

Shame this is still a bug in v10 :frowning: