What is the point of the 3 consecutive post limit!?

I just tried to answer someone’s question but after spending 10 minutes typing up a detailed response I was hit with an error that said I couldn’t post in a thread more than 3 times consecutively.

1.) that’s very frustrating… especially to not see the error until AFTER I typed the whole response

2.) 3 post limit!?! I mean, you do want people to post in here I assume? Sorry if this sounds rude but… what are we, a bunch of 4th graders?

Please remove this arbitrary limit or up it to something reasonable like 20 where it’s enough to foil spammers but not enough to confound and frustrate active professionals trying to learn and use your software!

This is on consecutive posts on a single thread? Because I’ve never had issues posting many times across different threads.

Otherwise I believe there is some rate-limiting, I’ve hit that before. In the past I just had to wait a few minutes and try posting it again.

Yes on a single thread.
No, not consecutive… at least not in a row, anyway… just three posts on the same thread.
And not timed. Once you’ve made 3 it seems you cannot make another until someone else posts on the thread.
Maybe this relaxes when you have posted more? IDK

But it’s pretty annoying for me.

That seems like a bug or something else going on because I and many more have definitely posted more than three times in a thread.

New users have some restrictions on how often they can post, links in posts etc, which is an anti-spam measure. To get these restrictions lifted, you just need to post and respond for a while, until you hit whatever post count turns you from a new user into a regular one.

Although what you encountered looks more like a site-wide thing (probably again to avoid repeated spam posting or flooding of threads with nonsense comments).

I understand the need for anti-spam measures but that is ridiculous

The screenshot of the error does say “consecutive”. You can edit an existing comment instead of appending.

And I did that a number of times.

But… then in the course of my investigations I discovered something I thought was important to inform the Original Poster directly and after typing my response for 10 minutes I was unable to post it to them. (I sent it as a message so they got it but still)

Bottom line… 3 post limit is just really draconian. I’ve run forums and help sites and such and I’ve never seen a limit that small. It’s just a setting somewhere in the admin options and it should be bumped up to something more reasonable.

Hi brooksie,

Looks like 3 is the default setting for consecutive posts in Discourse–it hadn’t been modified from that since we switched platforms. We’ve bumped it up to 7 for now, to see how that goes as far as allowing more discussions without encouraging spam. Hopefully that works better!


Thanks, Alyssa

Much appreciated!

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