When entering Korean textfield

I’m using the beta version of Axure RP 9, when I type korean.
Korean is continuously input in edit mode instead of additional input mode.
It is very inconvenient when writing text.

The latest version of Axure 9 beta is being used.

It does not occur in Mac version, but only in Windows.

When using the program, all widgets, search bars, and note entry areas There is no error when inputting alphanumeric characters, but the error occurs only when inputting Korean characters.

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Hi all! suwani4551 wrote in to our help desk with this issue and we were able to reproduce it on our end. The bug for Korean input not entering as expected into widgets in Axure RP 9 is now filed. We will update this thread if there are any updates, but in the meantime please keep an eye on the 9 beta release notes thread to stay up to date with the latest bug fixes. Thank you!