When inputting a text field in Korean

As a previous revision request,

When inputting a text field in Korean, a correction was made to the phenomenon that the previously input contents are deleted without being added to Korean.

I received a reply to confirm that the update was correct and to update it to RP

However, the bug is not resolved.

Is the bug that I asked about confirmed?

I want to make sure it is a bug that can be fix or not.

I would also appreciate if you can update this bug when you can update it.



Hi suwani4551!

First to clarify, the 3641 update did not include the fix for the Korean text bug you described in this post. The bug that was fixed for build 3641 was that text would disappear from the diagram editor when the hint text or regular text was taller than its text field, on the Windows version of the 9 beta (not specific to Korean text).

As for the Korean text bug you are running into, would it be possible if you could record a short video of what you are seeing on your end? We want to confirm the reproduction steps. I am unsure of what you meant by:

“Korean is continuously input in edit mode instead of additional input mode”

, so having a video would clear this up a bit. I tested typing Korean into a regular shape widget on the 9 beta on Windows, and this is what I am seeing on my end: 2019-04-04_1050.

Is that different from what you’re seeing? If you could record a video, similar to the one above, we’d appreciate the help! We here use the Jing application (it’s free) to take screenshots/videos. Thank you!

Please check the bug directly.

I don’t have enough time to shoot the video and deliver the bug report.

you should know that, this bug is so critical issue that every user in Korea who using that Windows version of Axure RP 9 Beta in Korea.

Every users in Korea feel uncomfortable, and if this bug is not resolved, they are probably no longer use the Windows version.

I also do not want to use the Windows version of Axure anymore.


Susan park.


Hi Susan,

That’s no problem. I completely understand that you don’t have time to record a video recording for us, but we just wanted to make sure we were on the same page about the bug you were running into so that we can get that fixed.

After further investigation, it looks like you’re running into a bug where typing text in Korean on the Windows version of the 9 beta works like the [Insert] key, where any Korean text you type replaces the text following it. Here is a video to show what I am seeing on my end: https://www.screencast.com/t/6HbRNPwK.

If this is the bug you are running into, we have this one filed on our end, and our teams will explore the possible causes and solutions to get that fixed.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the video! This does indeed look like the same bug, and I’ve made a note to the report that this is happening in all text input areas of the 9 beta.

Our teams are looking into the issue, and you can turn on automatic updates in Axure RP to get notified as soon as a new build addresses a bug you were running into, via “Help > Check for Updates”.


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