Where is the console in Axure version 9?

I rely on the console for debugging my Axure version 8 prototypes. I’ve just started using the version 9 Beta and I don’t see the console anywhere? Where is it hidden? I’m using Firefox in case that matters though I’ve also tried Chrome.

I can see the console when I “preview” the page but not when I use the “Generate HTML Files” option from the Publish menu. I also do not see the console when I start the prototype by double-clicking the start.html file.

Hi ksedro,

In Axure RP 9 the console is now available only when previewing prototypes, and not when viewing generated HTML or published prototypes on Axure Share. If you’ll be debugging interactions, then we would recommend doing that in preview and then publishing as needed. Feel free to send feedback or feature requests regarding this over to support@axure.com!