Where's Refresh widget library?

In Axure 8, there was a “Refresh Library” option in the hamburger menu of the Widgets pane. Where has that gone in Axure 9?


While it’s not as light-weight as the beloved “Refresh Library” function, you may select the library you wish to update, then go to the truncated menu and select “Remove” and then select the plus icon and add it back in. This will ‘update’ the library.

+1 for adding the refresh back =)

Hi! The “Refresh” option has been removed in Axure RP 9; instead, Axure RP 9 now automatically refreshes the libraries as changes are made (i.e. when a local library is saved or when a cloud library is updated). These should also be refreshing automatically as you restart Axure RP. If you’re seeing these changes not happening for either local libraries or the Axure Cloud, then please email support@axure.com with more details so that we can assist. Thank you!

Thanks @Alyssa_Axure

The auto-refresh while it is open doesn’t work. I’ll mail support about that.

Since I don’t close Axure, as I work with it every day, the refresh upon restart is not a solution for me. A manual action like Axure had before would be perfect.

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Thanks for the info! We’ll keep an eye out for your email. In the meantime, where do you currently store your widget libraries? Are they generally stored in the default “Axure > Libraries” folder, or on the Axure Cloud? If they’re hosted elsewhere, are these perhaps hosted on a network drive or file syncing service like Dropbox? Those details would help to diagnose why `they don’t refresh while Axure RP is still open. Thanks!

They’re not hosted in the cloud and neither in the Axure > Libraries folder. They’re in a local folder, which is synced to Dropbox so everybody can access.

For me the “auto-refresh” isn’t working correctly, too. Does it work properly for anybody? In 8 the “click refresh” works like a charme by the way … :confused:

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Hmm, interesting! In testing with Dropbox libraries on my end they still seem to be updating when the widget library file changes are saved. To confirm, the widget library is a regular .rplib file (not a team project library) that was created via “File > New Library”, correct? The reason I ask is because it came up in another thread that if a widget library is created by creating a .rp file, saving it, and renaming the .rp extension to .rplib via the Finder/File Explorer, then the file can be loaded like a regular widget library but some of the expected behavior (like importing styles/updating) doesn’t seem to kick in. The way to check the widget library to see if it’s a true .rplib file would be to check if it has “Pages” pane; widget libraries should have a “Widgets” pane in place of a “Pages” pane.

If that doesn’t seem to be it, then please go ahead and send over your Axure RP error_log files to support@axure.com so that we can check if any errors are happening in the background. The logs location for both Windows and Mac is listed below:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-9-0/logs


This absolutely does not work for me. At all. I have to quit and reopen to get updates.

Same here. I think I’ve seen the library update at some point, but have been unable to reproduce. Now when adding, editing, deleting, renaming widgets in the library, there is no update.

I’ll send the log file. Edit: can’t find the folder you mention…

IMHO, it would be way easier for your development team, @Alyssa_Axure, to just put back the manual refresh, instead of trying to fix this for all different cases… (or keep manual refresh as a fall back).


Thank you, we’ve passed the request from this thread to the corresponding team. As far as the folders, if you navigate to it manually it may be tricky to find depending on your folder viewing settings (e.g. whether certain folders are hidden). If you’re on a Mac, opening the Finder and using “Go > Go to Folder” should allow you to hop straight to the “logs” folder if you paste that file path. On Windows, opening the File Explorer and pasting the file path should do the trick. We’ll keep an eye out for those logs over at support@axure.com to help verify whether something is interfering with library updates, but in the meantime the request has been filed. Thank you!

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