While Copy and Paste between files keeping the Properties

Hi there,

I’m working on a complex mockup in Axure that has grown over the years. Our team is now at a point where we need to build a design system in parallel to ensure that all components are collected and documented in one place. We have also started using our own Axure library for all the defined components.

But during this we constantly have to copy elements between three Axure files (mockup file, design system file, library file). In the process, we keep running into strange copy and paste errors. As soon as you paste an element into another file, some properties like outline, font, letter spacing are lost or replaced.

My question is: Is there any setting that I have overlooked that preserves the properties when copying and pasting between files? Or is there any workaround you can suggest?

I would be very grateful for any help.

BTW: I am working with Axure RP 10 (Team Edition (x64)) on macOS (Version 12.4. M1 Pro).