Widget doesn’t snap to guides when transform him


when I resize an element like a box (rectangle), for example only to the right to increase the width it does not snap to grids. This must be a bug, or?


Hi Max!

Hmm, I’ve tested out resizing behavior on my end using a box widget, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue just yet.

Could you tell me a little bit more about the page and the resizing action when this occurs? For example, is the rectangle aligned with any other widgets or guides on the left side when it displays this behavior resizing to the right? Is this occurring when working with a particular project file, or does this also occur in new, blank project files?

If this seems to only occur in a particular project file, there may be a file-specific issue involved. In this case, could you send over the project file for further review? If you would prefer not to post the project to the forum, you can email the project to support@axure.com instead. Thanks!

Hi Chelsea,

I send you the project number via E-Mail.

I also created a screen movie, where you can see, that if you move an object it snaps to the guides, but if you resize it not! And the last should be working, otherwise the user have a lot of different widths.

There was an other support-ticket with the same issue and it seems the bug still exist:



Hi Max,

Thank you very much for emailing our support desk! We’ve received your message, and after reviewing the behavior shown in your screencast movie, I was able to confirm that this issue is related to a known issue that we have on file, and is the same issue as the one mentioned in your last reply. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to this issue’s filed bug report regarding your experience. Thank you!

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