Widget library doesn't work properly anymore in existing prototypes

My widget libraries stopped working properly in existing prototypes.

I made changes to the .lib, saved, closed the file.
When I drag and drop the widget in my prototype, the changes I made are visible in the widget preview while I’m placing it on the canvas.

As soon as I let go of the mouse and place the widget, the changes don’t show up. They are visually gone and also don’t show up in the Interactions menu where you usually can override text elements or pick a component view.

When I create a new prototype and use the widget, I get the correct, changed design until I make another change in the lib. So something is happening/refreshing, but not functional in an existing prototype. As soon as I change something in the lib it doesn’t work in any prototype unless I create an entire new prototype file.

Axure RP 10 Pro
running on MBP with up to date Ventura 13.5

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To help us reproduce the issue you are describing, can you let us know what changes you are making to the .rplib file?

Just to confirm, if you create a blue widget in a library and add it to a new prototype, it will be blue. But when you update and save the blue widget in the library to be red and try to drag and drop it into the same prototype, the second instance of the widget will still be blue?

Hi Ben,

yes, this is what’s happening, the new instance will still look like the old version when I place it, despite the new version showing up in the preview while I’m dragging it.

It doesn’t matter what changes I make, changes not showing up happens for everything you can possibly do to a widget.

Changing a form from circle to rectangle, changing a color, adding or changing a new component view, changing or adding interactions or just moving something a few pixels. Doesn’t matter.

In my case I created new component views and changed the positions of some text on old component views. I also changed some colors and added new on click hide/show interactions.

Ah, thanks for mentioning that you are using components. That helps us narrow down and reproduce the issue!

Components generally are consistent across a project in terms of appearance and style. When are using a component within your widget library, the first instance of adding a widget from this library will automatically import the component.

Any future widgets added from this library will try and pull from the already existing component that has been added in order to remain consistent. If you want to have all instances of the component in your project updated to be consistent with a new style in your widget library, then we recommend that you use the “File > Import from RP File” and then replace the existing component with the new one in your widget library.

Another workaround is to use independent widgets and not components within your widget library. This way, any newly changed widgets will be added as expected.

In the meantime, it seems like this behavior may be confusing and can be improved. I have filed this issue for our teams to further review.

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