Widget Style Editor Bug

You guys have got to fix this bug in RP9. It is repeatable and highly distruptive when using the Widget Style Editor.

While editing the name of a style in the Widget Style Editor, (whether you’re creating new or editing an existing), if you press the “Home” or “End” buttons on the keyboard, (say if you want to go to the beginning or end of the name to copy the text and reuse it in another style), rather than going to the beginning or end of the edited line, it attempts to jump to the top of bottom of the list of styles. While it’s doing this, Axure becomes unresponsive until it reaches the top or bottom of the list. You can’t close the window or stop this process.

In any large scale project that makes dilligent use of the Widget Style Editor, this can take several minutes and there is no way to recover from this behavior. You have to cancel out of the window and recreate the style.

F2 also doesn’t trigger an edit when a a style is selected.