Widget styles for page styles

I’ve realised that I can create different page styles and assign them to a page. However in the widget editor it only shows the styles for the ‘Default’ style and I’m not able to pick a different page style. Is it not possible to assign widget styles to different pages styles?

For example I have 2 page styles called ‘Default’ and ‘Dark Mode’. If I choose the page style of ‘Dark Mode’ I want to be able to define the properties of the widgets when I switch i.e. font colours etc.

No, you can’t mix and match styles. You can define Page Styles and apply them to pages, but not widgets or groups of widgets. Likewise, you can’t assign a widget style to a page.

Axure doesn’t support visual themes, like Light Mode and Dark Mode. Here is a thread from a few years ago with some options for workarounds, but nothing magic.

Cheers, but I need something a little more maintainable. But thanks for the response anyway.