Will Intermediate States ever happen? someone help

Is there ever going to be an option to have Intermediate as a component state? Building checkboxes would be SO MUCH EASIER if this were the case. Take a look at the checkbox component in angular-material and you will see what I mean.

Currently I have to use dynamic panels and just to have a simple intermediate behavior takes so much extra logic. It would be nice if the Properties section of the Interactions panel had more than just the basics (selected / unselected)

I second this request. It would be better than using the work around with shaped widgets and dynamic panel. The latter is what I have been doing as well.
For the one seeking a solution. See attached library widget.
NOTE this is for Axure 10 onlyForm Custom Component.rplib (68.7 KB)
I created this a while ago and isolated the component for this chat.
Example: https://jy9vq7.axshare.com

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Glad to hear someone else shares my sentiment. It seems strange that such a common UI element - a checkbox - cannot have a state that nearly all design systems require - an intermediate state. Not on RP 10 yet so I can’t use that file but maybe soon. Thanks for sharing.

Not marking this as solved until someone from Axure sees it :smiley: