WISH: Individual widget - hide from view


It would very useful to be able to hide individual widgets from views. For example, for menus. I have a toolbar that shows menus on click. It’s had to have bunch of menus covering each other up


This hasn’t changed with Ax9. If you open your outline side panel, you can click the far right box on each element to completely hide from view. If your elements aren’t showing, be sure to select the correct filter, directly above the boxes (far right in the search field).


It works for panel and groups as you show in the image. This icon doesn’t show up for me if I hover on let’s say a single shape. If it works for someone it’s great, it might be a bug then if it doesn’t show up for me :slight_smile:


Apologies, I stand corrected. In Ax8, you can group elements together and then the option to hide from view appears. In Ax9, the elements have to be a dynamic panel.

+1 to add this to Ax9


Thanks for checking :slight_smile: You can still hide the group in Ax9


Ax9 seems to be temperamental as to when it lets you?


Yes, I think there is something buggy about groups. I had an issue where I couldn’t hide a group. Now it seems I can


Seems to be working for me, you just can’t see the icons, but if you click in the general vicinity of where the box should be the selected widget goes invisible.


I just went looking for this? I have tooltips that I just want to remove from my view! But if they are not in a group or dynamic panel they cannot be hidden. Please add this functionality, Axure!