Wizard Navigation | Repeater Based



Hey all,
I’m currently working building out a repeater-based wizard navigation for larger screen sizes. I’ve hit a roadblock with the functionality and after a couple hours of trial and error I thought it best to reach out the the community.

The desired behaviour I’m looking for is to have only one step active at a time. I’ve managed to get this working when directly selecting a step name (numbered 1-5 in the prototype). When using the advance, step back arrows, however, I cannot seem to get the correct step to be selected. I’m not sure this is even possible. Please see the attached file which will hopefully make more sense.

To ensure the variables are working properly I’ve added a visual readout.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/insight!

BrenwizardNav_r1.rp (63.9 KB)


I think this solves your problems. If I missed a part let me know and I can take a look.

I had the buttons increment and decrement a variable and then move the wizard step in the repeater. and when it is moved the step will set selected the step that matches the variable. Hopefully looking at it will make it more clear.

I luckily just figured this solution out the other day for something I was working on.

wizardNav_r1.rp (70.2 KB)